Kenya Adventure Tour: Explore the Islands of Lake Victoria

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Tour Highlights

Explore beautiful Kenyan sites while supporting the fight against AIDS.

  • Discover ancient rock art over 2,000 years old on Mfangano Island.
  • Visit the Tom Mboya Museum, a national museum of Kenya.
  • Tour revenue will be invested in a community education trust fund for vulnerable children and orphans in need.

2 days/1 night, from $65 per person!

Project Officially Launched.

WP_20160601_015It was a great milestone as the long awaited launch of the direct sponsorship project in Rusinga Island of Kenya. The event was marked by presentation of the recipients’ farm designs. It was basically crowning the training on the design methodologies and putting the design principles and techniques they have acquired from the weekly training. The twelve DS project recipients have embarked on major work in their farms. Continue reading “Project Officially Launched.”

Permaculture Ethics and Principles

My name is Solomon Owiti osingla ,I am a beneficiary of badilisha direct sponsorship program. We have been enjoying our trainings a lot at badilisha and in every meetings , we have been undergoing how to use the accounts and updates about the setting up of the project.

We also learnt about the permaculture ethics and principles which includes care of the earth, care of the people and share of surplus .the most I important lesson was earthworks that include s ,making of Swales ,using grey waters to make banana circles .and as a whole we hope that all the worlds problems can be solved on the garden, and our project direct spornsorship had started to draw aroadmap.

A Brighter Future

P1050324I have gathered a lot of valuable information about farm planning,about use of water,soil management, landscape and I see that since i started to learn permaculture, a lot has changed in my farm. i have learnt about compost making , keeping soil healthy, use of intrinsic characteristics of small and big animals in the farm to have positive output. I have seen also how to have a good mix of plants to control pests, how to use a combination of cover crops and shade plants to conserve water and soil erosion. Continue reading “A Brighter Future”

It’s All in the Planning

nashon3aMy name is Nashon Manyattta .I am a beneficiary of badilisha direct sponsorship project .i have been attending and enjoying the trainings at badilisha a lot.THe benefits of this trainings can be seen in my farm .

THere are so many things I didn’t know are working well despite being a farmer for many years now .in the past I used to work without any plan, but today I can plan. How to plan , how to plant a mixed garden .i have also learnt how to maintain a healthy soil , I have also learnt how to make Swales. In the farm , how to grow crops without chemicals , how to make soil fertile , I have also learnt about water management and the most important one is how to prevent. Pest from plants a d how to control soil erosions and floods. Continue reading “It’s All in the Planning”

Design and Planning for a Healthy Farm

My name is Vincent I am one of the badilisha direct sponsorship project recipient.

I have been deeply touched with the content of our weekly trainings at badilisha. I have been lucky to have learnt about deferent techniques of farming and farming methods. Being that permaculture means permanent agriulture, there is a lot of emphasis on design and planning and not using chemicals to control pests  and diseases and at the same time, it makes the soil very healthy and sustainable for farming since there is no chemical use. Continue reading “Design and Planning for a Healthy Farm”

Getting Ready For Planting

MONICAI am a Kenyan lady by name Monica AwuorOdira married to JactoneOdira. I am a resident of Homabay County from Rusinga west, Kaswanga village aged 47 years. I am a mother of seven children [four boys and three girls] Fredrick, Kenneth, Collins, Victor, Rael, Caroline and Esther. All are school going. The eldest Fred, Kenneth, Collins and Rael are in colleges as victor, Caroline and Esther are perusing secondary courses. Continue reading “Getting Ready For Planting”

Food security through permaculture

TILLENMy names Tillen OChieng .i am 32 years old ,recipient no 8 in the badilisha direct sponsorship  project .in our weekly meetings at badilisha some of the new things we have learnt include , planning  how to make paths , trenches for easy access and also  about intelligent pest management without using chemicals and how to make th soil healthy .And the use of small animals like chickens and bird attracting projects to control pests.

Continue reading “Food security through permaculture”