Back to Normal After Hippo Invasion!

Thanks for your support, it made me move great steps especially when my fence was broken by the hippos from lake Victoria. The continuous support made it come back to normalcy. I hope we are going to have similar cooperation between ourselves, Evans plus all the wonderful group supporters.

The farm is doing well after the destruction with the hippos. The fence was repaired and now the crops are growing well. I have planted different fruit trees like papaya, avocado, mangoes, sugra cane, bananas, and different local varieties of vegetables which are very nuitritious. I am hoping that with the good fence now, the farm will be very secure and I would be able to get more food which will be able to sustain my family and sell some locally. Above all through our farm here we would wish to demonstrate to the people how permaculture can solve the food problem here in our community.


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