Healthier Soil and Clean Food Security

EUNICEOur weekly permaculture meetings and straining have made us have great permaculture knowledge and great heights in terms of planting and management of gardens. I am sure that at the end of the project me as the recipient is going to benefit with food security and take care of our families basic needs.

So far we have learnt how to control pests in our farms. Those has given us a lot of encouragement this has resulted into healthy food. Planting skills have also improved, our soils have also grown healthier and we are starting to have clean food.

We have also learnt about water management using earthworks, trenches, footpaths in our design class has helps make footpaths for free and easy movement.

My farm borders lake Victoria and therefore I have easy access to water for irrigation .we have also learnt on how to manage farms well by having good diversity on the farm, this helps in pest control and also maintaining the essential soil nutrients. I am therefore motivated and looking forward to the project.


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