Learning and Sharing

everline3aAs a group we have been having meetimga and learning and sharing together about permaculture .Our good coordination and planning has enabled us learn about permaculture .as at now Ia m able to give a clear definition of what permaculture is about , and also implement some of what we have learnt in our precious trainings .planning and designing my farm before doing my work. Really touched my heart and I am currently replaning my farm and organizing it. In a permaculture way.

i have also gathered better knowledge about plants and how they can benefit my farm. deep in my heart water management which is a problem here has sunk in me and I think that this is good for us. For sure permaculture principles like start small or small and slow solutions also can help me in my daily life .and I think that I will also apply per culture in my daily life .

OVerally I am happy to know how to deal with water, pests,soil amongst other s and I have avision that the project is going to change my life , the life of my family and the life of the whole community where I am coming from will gradually improve because even a journey of a thousand steps starts with a single step.A nd my interaction and working together with the group will change my life a great deal.