Remembering Our Traditions

My name is hezbon omondi Okuku, I am abenficiary of badilisha direct sponsorship project. i have been participating in the regular meetings and trainings at badilisha community center .The sessions have been much educative and due to this , it has made me more interested in permaculture studies under our coordinator and trainer Evans.

AS I was in the process of learning more about per culture , I was able to flash back on the old system whereby our forefathers used to to cultivate crops ,uses local manure from the animal waste ,use ashes for the pest control ,using rotten plants leaves as manure -put in the compost , use grey water -use d water in homes for future use ,use of cover crops ,mulching methods ie rain water and planting of trees alongside the farms to act as the windbreakers.

the permaculture is a long term method of agri culture meaning it s permanent ,it really cares for the earth the modern chemicals are not recommended in it,this means that it Is earth friendly .In addition ,it protects the likes of pests living in the soil ,preventing human beings ,animals and plants from powerful chemicals that can cause severe effects to both plants ,animals and human beings respectively.the pests in the soil helps in. Asking the soil much more fertile thus able to produce a healthy disease free products .

I am therefore looking forward to learn more about the permaculture ,help other people understand the benefits of permaculture not only among the family members but also the community at large.