A Silent Revolution

IDDIHi I am OKoth IDi ODIRA , I am among the badilisha direct sponsorship project in RUsinga ISland , we normally have meetings to learn about permaculture .

PErmaculture for sure is holistic and looking at whole systems . I have loved the idea of planning and looking keenly at deferent elements in the farm and how to pace them in the farm.i have been a mused with ideas about food forests , mandala gardens and how different components within the farm are analyzed and placed, and how they are connected.

FOr sure it is amazing to see how pests are controlled intelligently by applying various ecological techniques .i have also seen how slowing, spreading , and sinking water using Swales is a powerful tool in water conservation .

I have very high hopes that if we continue this way, we are motivated and soon and very soon, the whole group will be empowered and the whole community will join and in years to come I see a silent revolution where permaculture will be the order of the day and our community will be food sufficient and healthy.


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