First Post from Badilisha

The first group of recipients has already done their Permaculture Introduction Course, and are looking forward to getting sponsors and converting their land to permaculture.

The whole group here is exited about the progress and we are happy that we are all in these. we are a strong group here ,motivated and is already going on with meetings. The group have written all their family profiles, we have created email acounts and today we are going to set up skrill accounts and the take family photos for each recipient.

With time we shallbe perfect in taking good photos and videos, learning is by doing. As we go on with the project for the first group, i am very sure that we are going to learn and get acquainted with everything here as we have a group of young and informed youths. it will be quite easy for them to become coordinators in future as they will be aware of the plans and it will also calls for less training.

Also it will support our idea of working with the local community and uplifting them instead of hiring someone from outside who may be only after getting payment and does not have the plight of the community at heart. This ensure that the project contiues to empower and go a long way.

We have had great weekly meetings with the whole group, and this week we shall have a another meeting as it is already a routine.


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