Everything in the Farm is Connected

ken2aI have been practicing farming for Quite sometime now and for sure I have realized that I have been missing something Precious and valuable .When I first heard of permaculture and it’s ethical principles, I definitely knew I was headed for Abright future especially with my farming venture.

I gathered a lot about how farming systems work in ecological way and how everything in the farm is connected to everything else including us human beings .i learned about the design process , and how to analyze input and outputs from each element within the farm and how they are connected .it is a mazing to see how beautiful, ecological and healthy permaculture farms and communities can be .

i have learnt about solutions to my long term concern about persistent pests , I have learnt about protecting pests predators as a major step towards pest control and also using other ecological ways to manage pests .as as a whole my wealth on knowledge about having healthy and living soils, water in permaculture ,earthworks and other topics in permaculture is amazing and I see the road ahead as bright and. We are destined for bigger things .

I have a vision of working very hard and thought team work coupled with great facilitator we have here and the resources at badilisha ,we hope that finally all will be well and we shall make big steps forward economically and raise change in our community.