Getting Ready For Planting

MONICAI am a Kenyan lady by name Monica AwuorOdira married to JactoneOdira. I am a resident of Homabay County from Rusinga west, Kaswanga village aged 47 years. I am a mother of seven children [four boys and three girls] Fredrick, Kenneth, Collins, Victor, Rael, Caroline and Esther. All are school going. The eldest Fred, Kenneth, Collins and Rael are in colleges as victor, Caroline and Esther are perusing secondary courses.

My husband and I works together as farmers all along in our marriage life for commercial and subsistence purposes. We usually raise about five hundred per week of which we keep and help o supporting our children schooling however little it is. With your support hope and look forward to develop more arts, in my farm to help and raising and vision for my home, village and society at large.

As per now am on going with land preparation, setting it in readiness for planting.
The crops I grow include kales [sukumawiki, pawpaws and banana. Alongside planting have tow cows, three chickens and three goats. These animals waste products helps me in enclosing my half an acre with essential nutrients as   use them as manure. The region where I farm is an asal though next to lake but experience great draught especially from mindfully with little rainfall thus makes me do little work than my expectation though water my  plants using watering cans also our children’s support roled in their holidays.

For more the few introductory works, you are welcomed at liberty to inquire more if needed. Otherwise have nice moment till then.

Yours faithfully