It’s All in the Planning

nashon3aMy name is Nashon Manyattta .I am a beneficiary of badilisha direct sponsorship project .i have been attending and enjoying the trainings at badilisha a lot.THe benefits of this trainings can be seen in my farm .

THere are so many things I didn’t know are working well despite being a farmer for many years now .in the past I used to work without any plan, but today I can plan. How to plan , how to plant a mixed garden .i have also learnt how to maintain a healthy soil , I have also learnt how to make Swales. In the farm , how to grow crops without chemicals , how to make soil fertile , I have also learnt about water management and the most important one is how to prevent. Pest from plants a d how to control soil erosions and floods.

THe project has helped with my family ,I have started to see it s benefits as I can now get vegetables. And fruits and sometimes I hope to sell and get some income to sustains my family needs. i have a vision to work hard and increase the farm so that my family needs including giving best education to my children is. Met.




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