We Can Grow Food Without Chemicals

isaiah1aWE have been meeting weekly now ,learning and sharing  about permaculture. This has done us great ,given that I now know that it is possible to practice agriculture without applying any kind of chemical . I believe that at the end of the project , I will be able to sustain my family effectively .

Soil management Will not be a problems this covered during our trainings with our coordinator .Our weekly programs has enabled to us to know of water harvesting  and storage in landscapes , as this has been a problem due to the rampant drought in our area . We depend on rain water ,boreholes and lake water which is quite a distance. From our homes.planning, designing  trainings has contributed immensely in easy access and movement in the farm .this allows water to flow freely when it rains too much , a strong wind may also be reduced and soil erosion may also as well be controlled .pest management has been controlled given the fact that we have stopped any use of chemicals .

This system has introduced as intercropping , mixed planting , crop rotation and spraying using Eco friendly  pesticide .we water our crops adequately to reduce the pest  and as a result few losses will be registered .