A Brighter Future

P1050324I have gathered a lot of valuable information about farm planning,about use of water,soil management, landscape and I see that since i started to learn permaculture, a lot has changed in my farm. i have learnt about compost making , keeping soil healthy, use of intrinsic characteristics of small and big animals in the farm to have positive output. I have seen also how to have a good mix of plants to control pests, how to use a combination of cover crops and shade plants to conserve water and soil erosion.

I have seen how different plants integrated in the farms is useful, like others are good nitrogen fixers , others are good herbs. , others are really good when used as spices and others add beauty To the farm. I saw also that permaculture makes us to reconnect its nature and also and saw that a garden is not just palace for producing food but also it is palace for learning and reconnecting with nature .

I have very high hopes that through the badilisha direct sponsorship project , a lot is going to happen and is see brighter future for Rusinga island and the whole community of Kenya .