Kenya Adventure Tour: Explore the Islands of Lake Victoria

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Tour Highlights

Explore beautiful Kenyan sites while supporting the fight against AIDS.

  • Discover ancient rock art over 2,000 years old on Mfangano Island.
  • Visit the Tom Mboya Museum, a national museum of Kenya.
  • Tour revenue will be invested in a community education trust fund for vulnerable children and orphans in need.

2 days/1 night, from $65 per person!

2 thoughts on “Kenya Adventure Tour: Explore the Islands of Lake Victoria

  1. Dear Evans,

    I trust this comment finds you well, and that you remember who I am! I stayed with the Odulas between August & October 2009, I have such fond memories of the stay.

    How have things been? I saw a video that you recently created and Badilisha EcoVillage looks incredible! So green and fully of health, has really developed since I was there.

    The reason I am emailing you is that I am thinking of coming to visit Rusinga Island between Saturday 30th December 2017 and Wednesday 3rd January 2017!! I was wondering whether you still have volunteers to come and stay, and if so, would it be possible that I could come stay for that short period?

    I look forward to hearing from you soon and catching up on all your news.

    With Best Wishes,


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